Government Relations


The LM5 Group is one of the most effective bipartisan lobbying firms working in the federal space. The LM5 Group is known for being lean, efficient and entrepreneurial.  The LM5 Group assists corporations, nonprofits, trade associations, and individuals with a vast array of issues at the federal level.  The LM5 Group understands the inner workings of Congress’s formal and informal power structures.  It is rare for a lobby shop to have equal credibility on the Hill and among the agencies.


Fundamentals of advocacy are the same on the local, state, and federal levels as the LM5 Group achieves success in state capitols and city halls.  Truly effective state and local lobbying requires day-to-day, on-the-ground, face-to-face contact. It requires lobbyists who know the history, politics, and culture of the local jurisdictions they serve and who have earned the trust and respect of local officials.  The LM5 Group through strategic hiring and smart collaboration have the capacity to serve clients in many other regions.  Where we don’t have lobbyists in-house, we tap into our network of consultant relationships that we have developed nationwide within our 50-state reach.  The LM5 Group offers services on the state and local level as diverse as our client’s needs. We provide policy analysis and monitoring, legislative and executive lobbying, coalition building and grassroots advocacy, and crisis management.